We invest in leisure businesses with….

European focus

Headquartered in the UK or Continental Europe, and with growth plans centred on those markets.

Proven business models

Profitable, growing, high margin businesses with robust business models and track record of delivering consistent results.

Strong, ambitious management teams

We are investors, not operators and look to support good management teams to achieve their ambitions.

Clear growth strategy

We are looking for businesses with potential to grow materially either organically or through acquisition. We like both roll-out concepts with attractive capital models, and opportunities to unlock value in undermanaged or underinvested assets.

Characteristics We Look for...

Strong personal chemistry

A successful investment depends on the people involved—we like to get to know management well ahead of investing.

A partnership approach

We agree a shared vision and growth plan with management upfront, so as to ensure clear understanding and alignment of interests.

£3-15 million of equity required

This can be through a combination of acquiring existing shares and injecting new capital over the term of the investment.

Typical investment horizon of 4-5 years

Although we understand it always depends on the specific circumstances of each investment, as well as the market conditions at the time.

Significant equity position and board representation

We expect to be active contributors around the boardroom table, working with management towards common strategic goals.

Have a suitable investment opportunity?